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day 6: and I just want my words to be true

February 7, 2011

I spent a lot of Day 6 thinking about the weight of giving and the responsibility of accurately conveying my experience.

During my freak out yesterday, I realized that I would rather abandon this project entirely than come across as a holier-than-thou windbag.  My friend Roberto texted me immediately after he saw yesterday’s post.  “I totally saw this coming on Day One,” he wrote.  “Pretty difficult to blog about giving without sounding obnoxious.”

So true.  In addition to being generally insightful, he’s known me for 20-plus years and never fails to keep it real, as the kids say.

But give up?  Since I’ve already proven to myself that I’m skilled at abandoning projects, I’d now rather prove that I can wrap this one up in a pretty white ribbon.  I can’t let myself give this up so easily.

That’s right, folks, that means 84 more days of…  uh…  this.

Moving on, though.

Post-freak out, Day 6 found me looking for a gift that would smart just a little.  As luck would have it, we attended a Superbowl party at the home of my super-altruistic friend Amy.  Amy is the kind of person who sports a chic new haircut for weeks before ultimately telling you that she donated her hair to Locks of Love. She’s that person who quietly volunteers at the food bank on weekends, who gives freely and generously and respectfully.  She’s also a Buddhist.  In short, Amy is a giving rock star.

Over vegetarian chili and chardonnay, we somehow got into a conversation about organ donation.  Amy mentioned that she needed to update her contact information on the bone marrow donation registry.  But of course she’s on the bone marrow registry… why wouldn’t she be?

Well, I can’t donate my hair to Locks of Love (I’ve been coloring it for so long I am not sure what my natural shade is), and I’m not a Buddhist.  I have, like you, read stories in the popular press about strangers whose lives were saved by bone marrow donation.  I have thought to myself, “I should get on the registry” and done absolutely nothing about it.  After my conversation with Amy, I went to this website to start the process.  While it isn’t exactly a gift yet, I received a prompt email that “My registration kit has been shipped.”  

I know my chances of being a match are slim, but I promise to let you know how this whole thing rolls out. 

The title of today’s post is taken from the Avett Brothers’ song, “A Gift For Melody Anne.”  Because 1). my aforementioned friend Roberto introduced me to my now-favorite band, 2) Pandora decided I needed to hear this song this morning, and 3) any live performance by the Avetts pretty much kills, I give you the video below.  It’s long, yes, but so worth it.

As always, thanks for showing up.

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  1. ashton permalink
    February 7, 2011 8:04 pm

    so glad you got a text from your friend roberto and that you are not giving this up. i am thoroughly enjoying your blog and would be very disappointed if you stopped b/c of what some idiot who doesn’t know you might think about your intentions.

    you are one of the most real people i know (not sure if that is grammatically correct 😦 and, i think you know what i mean….

    thank YOU for showing up!


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