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day 14: to divine miss m

February 15, 2011

Good morning, folks, and welcome to installment #2 of “Giving My Used Stuff Away to My Unsuspecting Nieces.”  Are you ready for this?  Can you handle it?

Very well, then.

The second gift-ee in my long line of nieces is fifteen year-old M.  Just so you have a visual, she looks kind of like this:

Music's sweetheart (right?) Taylor Swift

But with bigger, bluer eyes.  And less makeup.  And probably longer legs.

In other words, she looks how just about every high school girl in the world wishes she looked, whether or not they choose to admit it.

Looks aside, though, M is also incredibly kind and poised beyond her years.  She is unfailingly enthusiastic about almost everything, which is a refreshing change from most of us blase adults.

I say she is unfailingly enthusiastic about almost everything because, historically, she has not been enthusiastic about my hand-me-downs (c’mon, what teenage girl wouldn’t want a used, ten year old, knee-length black dress to wear to Cotillion?).

To her credit, she has always very politely refused my offerings with legitimate reasons (did I mention she has reallllly long legs?) even though I know most of my stuff just isn’t all that cool.

Thus, it took me a while to figure out what I should give Miss M that she might actually want.

Her tastes tend more toward, I don’t know, American Eagle and Gap with a little bit of Boden thrown in for good measure.  She likes bright colors and monograms.  I looked through my closet, my bureau.  Not a lot of color.  Not a lot of monograms.

Suddenly, I remembered M complimenting a silver bracelet I’d worn in front of her, a chunky chain with a dangling, monogrammed heart.  The bracelet was given to me by a friend years ago and, while it doesn’t really suit me (I think I can admit that I am too old for heart jewelry), I still wear it occasionally because it reminds me of an old friend.

She said she liked it!  It has a monogram!  Score one for Auntie — Miss M’s getting a bracelet.

If only it were that simple.

Filled with purpose, I charged to the mall jewelry store to get the bracelet re-monogrammed for Divine Miss M.

Jewelry store #1:  “You want to what?”

Me:  “I want to give it to my niece.  I want you to remove the existing monogram and monogram her initials on it instead.”

Jewelry store #1:  “I’m sorry,” suspicious glare, “We don’t have the, uh, equipment to do that here.”

Me:  (innocently shrugging) “Okay, I guess I’ll try somewhere else.”

Jewelry store #2:  “You want to what?”

Me:  “I want to give it to my niece.  I want you to remove the existing monogram and put her initials on it instead.”

Jewelry store #2:  “I’m sorry,” suspicious glare, “We don’t do that sort of thing.”

Me: (slowly wising up, blushing wildly) “Oh…  no…  but this is my monogram.  See my ID?  All three initials.  My bracelet.  I promise it belongs to me.  I just want to give it to my niece…  ” And on, and on, and on.

Jewelry store #2: (sizing me up) “Tony will do it for you,” slipping a card to me under the counter and almost winking, “Tell him Alan sent you.”

No joke.

Not to be discouraged, I pressed on to visit Tony who was himself adorned in enough gold jewelry to sink a small canoe.

Tony:  (not even glancing at me, diamond pinky rings glinting in the sunlight as he wrote) “I’ll have it ready tomorrow.  Gonna be a big job.”

A big job?  A silver heart charm that is approximately an inch long?  Am I paying some kind of silence fee for my allegedly stolen bracelet?  Where am I?  What am I doing?

Me:  (resigned) “Fine.  Just tell me when to pick it up.”

So, today I shall retrieve Miss M’s bracelet and send it on its happy way.  She will wear it beautifully and with enthusiasm, and I know she will appreciate that hard-won monogram.

Hope your day is filled with silver hearts and diamond pinky rings.  Thanks for showing up.

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  1. Melissa Hawley permalink
    February 15, 2011 10:18 pm

    As TS would say: ❤

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