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day 24: what's so funny?

February 25, 2011

Things that made me laugh out loud on Day 24:

  • the silver Mustang I passed bearing the customized front license plate, “Hi haters!” (I imagined its driver going to the little license plate kiosk at the mall, deliberately telling the guy working behind the counter, “Yes, that’s right, I want to greet the world each and every day — several times a day — with ‘Hi haters!’)
  • my two year old’s absurdist humor (joke of the day: “Knock knock…” “Who’s there?” “Ice cream…” “Ice cream who?” “Ice cream EAT!” followed by convulsive laughter)
  • remembering a sitcom-worthy story told to me by a friend’s British husband a few years ago (he had just moved to North Carolina after having lived in the U.K. his entire life, and on his very first day at work his new boss shared with him how he and his wife loved to shag, that they went to shag contests at Myrtle Beach several times a year, and that shagging was his favorite hobby… it took Nigel a horrified day or two to learn that “shagging” is a style of swing dance popular in the Carolinas)

Man, I used to love this movie.

Incidentally, I completely understand if you don’t find any of the above items the slightest bit amusing.

My four year old and I don’t always agree on what’s humorous, either.  He’s really into poop jokes these days.  Me?  Less so.

He is also really into cooking, which to him means indiscriminately tossing  random ingredients in a big bowl (sugar!  milk!  vanilla!  eggs!  bay leaves!), pouring the mélange into muffin cups, and making an unholy mess of my kitchen in the process.  Yes, I know I should encourage his creative exploration.  Some days, though, I just want a clean kitchen.

Yesterday’s gift was full-tilt, free reign, no-holds-barred artful mess-making time for both of my kids — no whining from Mom allowed.  I bit my tongue as my four year old splashed cottage cheese and dill weed on the counter top.  I curbed my urge to stop what I was doing every three minutes and sweep up the tiny bits of construction paper my two year old scattered like bread crumbs throughout my house.

I was at one with the mess.  More than that, I was present with my children — in the designless, haphazard moment — and not surreptitiously checking the clock or wiping the counters.  The kids even helped me clean up, in their designless, haphazard ways.

I may have even laughed at a poop joke.  It was just that kind of a day.

I hope today gives you a hundred reasons to laugh.  Thanks so much for showing up.

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  1. Courtney permalink
    February 25, 2011 10:55 pm

    Thank goodness you didn’t get a text from CSS during that mess-making!

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