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day 33: lemur see, lemur do

March 6, 2011

Quick recap of Day 33:

  • I carted the kids to a birthday party at a wildly fun indoor playground, where they ran and jumped and crawled and chased until they were limp and sweaty
  • I relished my favorite part of kids’ birthday parties: wrapping the present

I know it will end up in the trash can, but I can't help myself.

  • In keeping with the “a gift a day” spirit, I decided to reduce spending on birthday presents so that we could give, in addition to the Legos that will get sucked up by the vacuum cleaner and the fire truck that will languish wheel-less and abandoned in six months, a small donation to a local organization
  • Housed at Durham’s Duke University (bummer about last night’s loss, Duke fans) is the Duke Lemur Center. The Lemur Center, the only university-based facility in the world devoted to the study of prosimian primates, is home to the world’s largest colony of endangered primates.   The center’s mission is to promote research and understanding of lemurs and other prosimian primates, as well as to educate kids and young people about conservation.  It is a really, really cool place to tour with your kids.  The last time we visited the children were mesmerized by these animals’ antics

Cute, huh?

I doubt the kid for whom we made this donation will appreciate it.  I am guessing he’ll be far more interested in the Lego set wrapped in bright blue paper than in the welfare of the lemurs (I know my own children would be).  I do hope, however, that his mother will take him to the Lemur Center sometime this spring.  I hope he will remember watching the lemurs swing from branch to branch far longer than he remembers ripping open his blue wrapping paper.  I hope he’ll pass it on.

Here’s to a day filled with passing it on, whatever “it” may be.  Thanks for showing up.

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