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day 34: mg

March 7, 2011

There’s a certain kinship in sharing a birthday.  If there is a name for people born on the same day (“birthday buddies?” “birthday twins?,” “coincidental birthday-sharers?”), I don’t know it.  Because I only know one other person born on my birthday, I just call her MG.

The next girl on my Nieces to Whom I Am Giving My Gently Used Stuff, nine year old MG was born on my birthday and her parents’ wedding anniversary — a celebrated day, indeed.

If I weren’t so weird about posting photos on this blog, I would share a picture taken of the two of us on our birthdays in 2009.  In it, she sits beaming behind a chocolate cake with a number “8” candle.  Next to her, I smile behind a pumpkin pie with a giant “25” on it (my sister-in-law has a great sense of humor).  In a little black jacket with a faux leopard collar, MG’s grin shines brighter than the candle’s flame.  Even in a photo, her energy is magnetic.  Bright and olive-skinned, she is a little black-eyed susan with green eyes.

And she isn't named Susan.

When we last spoke, MG said she wanted to be either a nun or an artist when she grows up.  I trust that whatever she ends up doing with her considerable spirit, she’ll bring to it the contemplative and artistic nature she brings to everything else.

This necklace is my gift to MG:

I know... it is hard to see.

It was a gift from a good friend and I love it, but I hope she loves it more.  A stylized Celtic cross, it instantly made me think of her both because it represents faith and because it artfully renders the cross.  When she wears it, I hope she remembers to honor both reflection and imagination.

I hope today gives you a hundred opportunities to create and believe.  Thank you, again, for showing up.

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