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day 42: let's call it good

March 15, 2011

Ah, yes.  I overslept again.  Chased all night by dreams in which my teeth kept falling out (lucky me — my dreams don’t require a Freudian psychoanalyst’s interpretation), I find myself struggling a bit to write about Day 42.

Day 42 left me feeling tapped out.  It was a Monday, after all, and I had seventeen items on my to-do list — fifteen of which I absolutely did not want to do.  My tank was at “E,” and the light was glowing yellow.

Feeling depleted, I resisted the urge to press on.  That still, small voice in the back of my brain whispered, “Think small.”  I considered, for the millionth time, the words of late UU minister Forrest Church which I have adopted as my personal credo:  “Want what you have.  Do what you can.  Be who you are.”

I took a few moments to stare down my wishful thinking (“If only I didn’t have to complete these seventeen items on my to-do list”) and invite gratitude for all that I have.

In asking what I could do, I immediately also thought about who I am.  Pretty uncomplicated, fierce believer in God, my family, my friends, health, nature.  I thought of a friend who is training to run his first half-marathon with us next month.  I retrieved a water bottle holder that’s carried me through many miles and wished him well as I made the offering.

I overslept, but I don’t necessarily need to overthink.  He’ll be running a lot.  He’ll need to drink water.  This gift will help him.  Let’s call it good.

I hope your day is beautifully uncomplicated.  Thank you, again, for showing up.

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