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day 59: to ea

April 1, 2011

Oh, happy day.

It is finally Friday, and after an interminable week of cold rain, the sun promises to shine today.

My head is tangled with the past week’s events and my plate overflows, but today I am happy.

It is with this happiness that I welcome you to Day 59’s installment in the ongoing series, “Sharing My Gently Used Items With Nieces Who May or May Not Want Them.”

Day 59’s recipient is my eighth-oldest niece, EA.  I wish I could show you a picture of her — all dimples and wavy blond hair — so you could understand the joy that radiates from her little being.  She’s a firecracker. Whether jumping on a trampoline in her backyard or building sandcastles on the beach, she approaches her day with just a smidge more exuberance than the average human.

Her family believes EA inherited her spunk from her great-grandmother, a notorious firecracker in her own right.

What I know for sure is that EA’s inherent joy will take her far.  If she can hold on to the happiness of just being, she’ll enjoy a satisfying life.

To EA, I give this silver ring, made by Texas jeweler James Avery and given to me years ago:

Couldn't figure out how to crop this. The backdrop is my son's latest art project.

I’ve always loved the swirling pattern of the ring, and it makes me think of little EA — winging in one direction and then another, but always coming back home to joy.  When she is old enough to wear it, I hope it will serve as a reminder to her to hold onto what is beautiful, what is true, and what is worthy.

I hope today brings you home to joy.  Thank you so much for showing up.

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  1. Melissa Hawley permalink
    April 1, 2011 6:35 pm

    EA will love that beautiful ring!!! What a wonderful gift. ❤

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