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day 75: like a full force gale

April 17, 2011

You’d never know it from today’s bright, cloudless sky, but tornadoes and severe storms hammered our state on Day 75.  At last count, twenty two people were killed and 80 were injured in North Carolina’s devastating storms.  High winds and hail caused millions of dollars in property damage, leaving families in several counties homeless.


Only miles away from so much destruction, yesterday found my little family safe and warm in our home.  We experienced nothing more than heavy rain.  We baked zucchini bread and listened to music and did laundry in the late afternoon.

Gradually, reports of the storm’s cruelty trickled in.  I heard from my former supervisee, who reported that half of the units in her downtown Raleigh apartment building had been severely damaged by the storm (luckily, she’d ridden it out at a relative’s home, far from harm).  A neighbor provided Facebook status updates from inside the Raleigh Children’s Museum, lacking electricity and waiting for the tornadoes to pass.

And just as quickly as it arrived, the storm receded, leaving unimaginable ruin in its wake.  My thoughts, today, are with those who lost.  I wish them the courage to rebuild.

Day 75’s gift was another donation to the Red Cross.  Frankly, I couldn’t imagine giving anything else.

Today, I wish you tenacity and shelter from the rain.  Thank you, always, for showing up.

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