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day 87: freeeeeeeeeeeeee

April 29, 2011

I love free stuff.

Gifts-with-purchase, triple coupons, mail-in rebates… any of these stir my heartbeat a little.  Getting something for nothing thrills my inner miser.  The “something” I receive for free is of little consequence (two for one toothpaste deal? score!  free sippy cup with 17 yogurt UPC symbols?  totally worth my time!); mine is the reaction of a three year-old to a birthday present: “Who cares what’s inside the pretty paper — I got a gift!”

Holding a place of honor on the “something for nothing” hierarchy is the mighty gift certificate.  I know many people find them impersonal and unimaginative, but the possibilities dwelling within a gift certificate saturate me with joy.  When I receive one, I always hoard it for a while, relishing its potential.

I was given a gift certificate to local boutique Magpie for my birthday (several months ago) and have hoarded much of it until recently.  Incidentally, if you find yourself in Durham’s warehouse district and in need of a beautiful dress or handbag, do yourself a favor and hit up Magpie.  It is a lovely little store staffed by kind people.   Check it out.

Anyway, I was in the neighborhood on Day 87 and realized I hadn’t spent the balance on my birthday gift certificate.  I immediately bought these tiny patterned bobby pins I have been eyeing for months.

You can't see the brand, Jane Tran, because of my fantastic flash photography.

You likely can’t make it out in this picture, but they have an animal print in primary colors, and look like the perfect tool for containing errant bangs in hot weather.  I’d seen but not bought them before because they were pricey, and even flush with “free money” I couldn’t silence my inner miser.  On Day 87, though, I shut her up and brought them home.

Before opening my package, I sat down at my computer and viewed some new photos of my little niece, L.  In them, she is glamorously colorful — riding a carousel in hot pink sunglasses, hunting for Easter eggs in a teal tutu — and I instantly knew that my new purchase was for her.  L will rock these animal-print bobby pins with far more spunk than I ever could.  I hope she likes them.

Today, I hope you relish all that is free.  Thank you so much for showing up.

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