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out with the same old

January 20, 2012

Good morning, happy Friday, and welcome to Chasing Maybes.

image by sean murphy via flickr

If you have been following alongside me for a while, you know well the premise of this ramble.  In June 2011, I set out to challenge my predilections and assumptions, one Trivial Pursuit category at a time.

Here’s the rundown:

In June, I chased maybes related to entertainment (attending a comic book convention, moshing at a metal show, forcing down a fantasy novel); in July, I pursued geography (running new paths, moving across the country, traveling to my childhood home); in August, I followed all things science and nature (trying to garden, attempting handstand physics, studying astronomy); in September, I chased sports and leisure (cheering at a high school football game, evaluating sports fandom, reveling in the father-son relationship); in October, I hunted history (looking critically at revisionist history, researching genealogy), and in November, I began looking at arts and literature (rekindling my romance with ballet, learning to cut hair, drawing, and reading the Hunger Games trilogy).

I ran out of Trivial Pursuit categories in November, but I kept writing.  I don’t feel anywhere near ready to hang up this project, needing its shove of accountability to keep my mind open.  I need it to prevent me from wearing deeper those grooves which underlie the same old patterns of my life.  Who wants to be stuck in same old?

image by mel silvers via flickr

My new plan?  To show up here at least on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with something to say.  You will notice, I didn’t write “something intelligent to say,” because I can’t promise humor or brilliance… but I can show up.  Thinking small was the platform upon which I built my first online project, and it is the approach that keeps my (occasionally crippling) perfectionism in check.

On a totally unrelated note, I wanted to share this article I stumbled across when considering the idea of which books we begin and later abandon.  I found it reassuring.

Today, I hope you feel free to attempt something brand new, avoiding same old like stale coffee.  Thanks, today and every other day, for showing up with me.

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