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feathers, spy goggles, and relics from childhood

April 17, 2012

feather by n0rthw1nd

If, as Emily Dickinson wrote, “hope is the thing with feathers,” then Gratitude must be the thing with night vision goggles.  And voice recorder pens.  And teeny hidden cameras.

Gratitude is stealthy and limber, a cat burglar on a glass skylight dropping, unbidden, into my living room.

Like hope, Gratitude sings “in the chillest land/and on the strangest sea.”  After executing a flawless stake out, it announces itself among the broken pieces.  It is there, it has always been there, and it demands recognition.  It knows when to drop its cover.

Gratitude wants little, but it demands acknowledgement.  Once it has been spotted, it refuses to be ignored.

It can get testy, that Gratitude.

So when it finds me, I welcome it.  If I remember, I apologize for shunning it, and I remind Gratitude that its black spandex costume is built for concealment.  I beg it to dress for the occasion, next time.  Whether it hears me or not, I am not sure.  Gratitude’s job is already done.

When I was a little girl, I loved reading the poems of Emily Dickinson and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  I still do.  I hope today finds you grateful, hopeful, and enjoying some relic from childhood.  Thanks, as always, for showing up.

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  1. April 17, 2012 8:54 am

    I especially love – “Gratitude wants little, but it demands acknowledgement. Once it has been spotted, it refuses to be ignored.” Wonderful, wonderful thoughts. Thanks so much, Anne!

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